Barista's edition for Thu 10 December 2015

Sales of "Trump Home" products have been suspended across the Middle East

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Donald Trump's increasingly anti-Muslim presidential campaign is now hurting the Trump Organization. One of the region's largest home retail chains, Lifestyle, is pulling "Trump Home" branded products from its 160-plus stores. Sachin Mundhwa, the CEO of Lifestyle, said in a statement to Quartz: As one of the most popular home decor brands in the Middle...

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Apple Just Released Its Own Official iPhone Battery Extender Case For $99

Popularity: 2.78

Heads up, Mophie, Otterbox, and everyone else making iPhone cases with built-in batteries: Apple is jumping into your market. Known for its ability to generate insane buzz, it's not every day we see Apple quietly launch a brand new product out of the blue - but here we are.

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Uber Now Has Its Own Food Delivery App

Popularity: 2.11

For the past year, Uber has been testing its UberEats food delivery service in key markets like New York and San Francisco. But to date the effort has been largely experimental - an additional option in the Uber app offering the chance to order an item or two from a handful of restaurants for a few hours each day.

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Avoid The Diva Mentality For Successful Technology Adoption

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We crave new technology. We loathe new technology. We need change. We fear change. Nowhere does this ambivalence come into play more dramatically than when adopting new technologies: It's nothing if not human to go through a whole range of emotions before settling down with your new technology and fully realizing its benefits.

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Google: We have proof that our quantum computer really works

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Back in 2013, Google and NASA went halvsies on a D-Wave X2 computing system. The D-Wave is supposedly the world's first functional quantum computer, though experts both within and without the company have never been able to conclusively prove that the machine actually taps into the quantum realm to produce its calculations.

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Why Is Angela Merkel Always Palling Around With Robots?

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Last week we looked at the odd 21st century phenomenon of politicians shaking hands with robots as if they were human. We learned a lot about the potential robot uprising, but we also discovered that one politician in particular always seems to be hanging out with robots: German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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#YouTubeRewind celebrates all that is 2015 with epic mashup video

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Today, YouTube dropped its epic end-of-year rewind on us that featured the "videos, people, music and movies that made 2015." The video features the highlights of the year, including current and former YouTube stars and television personalities doing sketch-like takes on popular videos.

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