Barista's edition for Thu 04 June 2015

Amazon Turns Its Boxes Into Ads With First-Of-Its-Kind Marketing Deal For "Minions" Movie

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Forget billboards or magazine ads. If an advertiser wants to put its brand in front of a big audience today, you may as well slap that ad on an Amazon shipping box. Or, at least, that's the mindset behind the new partnership between Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment and Amazon.

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This tiny robot head replaces your mouse with a laser-projected one

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If you don't want to be reliant on (or still don't really like using) a trackpad, and tire of dragging a full-sized mouse around, then the Odin, a laser-projected mouse, might be worth a look. You've seen (even very recently) laser projected interfaces that cover keyboards, but the team that made Odin says it's the world's first laser-projected mouse interface.

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Apple's Tim Cook Delivers Blistering Speech On Encryption, Privacy

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Yesterday evening, Apple CEO Tim Cook was honored for 'corporate leadership' during EPIC's Champions of Freedom event in Washington. Cook spoke remotely to the assembled audience on guarding customer privacy, ensuring security and protecting their right to encryption. "Like many of you, we at Apple reject the idea that our customers should have to make tradeoffs between privacy and security," Cook opened.

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Award-winning 'Game of Thrones' editor killed in lion attack in South Africa

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The woman mauled to death at a lion park in South Africa on Monday has been identified as an American tourist who has done award-winning visual effects work on Game of Thrones . Katherine Chappell, 29, was killed by a lioness that bit her neck while she was taking pictures through an open window at the Lion Park in Johannesburg, police say.

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New planes could carry people across the Atlantic in an hour. But it'll be used as a weapon

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Travelling at over Mach 5.1, the jet could make it from London to New York in an hour. But it will be used instead as a super-fast weapon, working like a missile. "We are the Air Force. What do we want to do with this technology?

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Scientists Look to Reboot Human Genome Map | MIT Technology Review

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The Human Genome Project was one of mankind's greatest triumphs. But the official gene map that resulted in 2003, known as the "reference genome," is no longer up to the job. So say scientists laying plans for a new universal map they say will combine the genomes of hundreds, and eventually thousands, of people to create a true reference that reflects all of humanity.

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20,000 London police to wear body cams by early next year

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The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has today announced plans to supply the majority of Metropolitan Police officers with roughly 20,000 body-worn cameras within the next ten months. Like other law enforcement agencies, particularly in the US, London police have been conducting a formal trial of the devices, said to be the biggest of its kind, for the past year.

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