Barista's edition for Thu 21 May 2015

HTTPS-crippling attack threatens tens of thousands of Web and mail servers

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Tens of thousands of HTTPS-protected websites, mail servers, and other widely used Internet services are vulnerable to a new attack that lets eavesdroppers read and modify data passing through encrypted connections, a team of computer scientists has found.

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London's canal walkways now have "duck lanes"

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Running or cycling down the Regents Canal in central London is one of the city's great pleasures. The water's edge is lined with narrowboats. Cafés and galleries occupy once-derelict warehouses and factories, serving delicious coffee at tiny tables. The busy roads of the City, roaring a couple miles away, seem very distant on this long stretch...

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This Man Controls His Robotic Arms With His Mind

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The robotic arm looks like it came from the future, a sleek cyborg limb. But for Les Baugh, it's a way to feel "back to human." Baugh, who lost his arms in a teenage accident, had surgery to remap the nerves in his arms to work with the high-tech prosthetic, developed by engineers at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab.

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Bernie Sanders wants to tax Wall Street to make college free for all Americans

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Vermont Senator and democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has introduced a bill in the Senate to offer free college for all Americans. It's not completely absurd. He points out in a statement that there are countries, like Germany and Denmark, that offer free or heavily subsidized higher education.

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Can You Solve This Vietnamese Math Puzzle for 8-Year-Olds?

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If you thought the Singaporean logic puzzle was though, brace yourself for this math problem that was originally set for eight-year-old students in the Vietnamese town of Bao Loc. It's apparently even stumped someone with a doctorate in economics with mathematics. As Alex Bellos points out on The Guardian , it's not a theoretically difficult problem.

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Hydrogen-powered drone will fly for hours at a time

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Even the nicer drones you can buy typically last for just minutes in the air, which isn't much help if you're delivering packages or shooting movies. Horizon Unmanned Systems (HUS) thinks it has a solution, however: hydrogen power.

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Spotify now does videos and podcasts

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Spotify is no longer just a music service. On stage in New York City today, the company shared its new goal of finding the perfect content to accompany every moment in your day. CEO Daniel Ek said his company is taking a "massive leap forward" that "goes beyond the conventional formats."

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