Barista's edition for Mon 02 May 2016

Hacker Finds Facebook Backdoor

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Update: A Facebook spokesperson said the server vulnerability was in a third-party file-sharing platform that the company no longer uses. The spokesperson also said Facebook was able to identify the other hacker, a security researcher who "was also participating in our bug bounty program and who was testing the same third-party software."

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Tor and VPN users will be target of government hacks under new spying rule

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An update to the innocuous-sounding Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure could soon grant powers to judges across the US to issue search warrants for law enforcement to remotely access devices that are using privacy tools.

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Why image recognition is about to transform business

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At Facebook's recent annual developer conference, Marc Zuckerberg outlined the social network's artificial intelligence (AI) plans to "build systems that are better than people in perception." He then demonstrated an impressive image recognition technology for the blind that can "see" what's going on in a picture and explain it out loud.

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McLaren is selling one of the rarest and fastest supercars ever built

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Here's your chance to own a piece of automotive history: British supercar maker McLaren Automotive has announced that it will be selling one of the last F1 supercars ever built. This is momentous for several reasons. First, only 64 F1 road cars were ever produced during the 1993 to 1998 production run.

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How to Hide Your IP Address

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When you were born, you were given a name and a social security number. When you got a car, you earned a driver's license number. And when you get online, you receive an IP address.

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Entrepreneurs are selling Australia's fresh air in a can to China

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In what may be the most ingenious money-making idea since bottled water, two entrepreneurs have set up a business selling fresh Australian air to China. John Dickinson and Theo Ruygrok are the co-founders of Green and Clean Air, a business based in Australia that puts air in cans and sells it to people struggling with pollution in Asia.

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How Lucasfilm's Master Foley Artist Perfected the Sounds in Your Favorite Movies

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At Lucasfilm's Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, California, movie magic is more than CGI. The compound already had three Foley stages-buildings where sound effects are created-but in October they created a fourth, and it's a doozy: a facility built from the ground up not only to be acoustically perfect, but to have all the design features needed for Foley artist John Roesch and his team to practice their craft.

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