Barista's edition for Tue 15 November 2016

Microsoft is bringing Visual Studio to the Mac

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Microsoft has announced it's launching its primary coding interface, Visual Studio, on Mac computers. The news may sound uninteresting, but it's been a long time coming, and is a big shakeup for...

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Donald Trump is about to control the most powerful surveillance machine in history

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The US intelligence agencies are among the most powerful forces to ever exist, capable of ingesting and retaining entire nations' worth of data, or raining down missiles on targets thousands of...

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Russian hacking team The Dukes targeting NGOs and think tanks after Trump victory

Popularity: 2.38

According to Internet security team Volexity has detected an active spear-phishing effort by Russian hacker groups including Cozy Bear and the Dukes. The targeted phishing emails feature subject lines like "The "Shocking" Truth About Election Rigging" and an false "FYI" from the Clinton Foundation. You can read about the efforts on Volexity's own site and KrebsOnSecurity.

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Study suggests a half-billion gesture-tracking devices by 2021

Popularity: 2.24

Juniper Research has released a new study with a bold prediction about the future of human interaction with technology. It found that "gesture and motion control will become vital for certain forms of human-computer interaction in the coming years." The study found that by the end of 2016 there will be roughly 168 million devices that utilize motion or gesture tracking.

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Will graphene radios unlock IoT access to terahertz band?

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If you use wireless connections on your various devices today, there's a very good chance that device is using a shared area of the wireless spectrum called radio waves. These waves float all around us, every day. Our phones, Wi-Fi routers, and even the electric meters on the side of our homes use radio waves to communicate.

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This Is the Best T-Rex Costume You've Ever Seen

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A Japanese company called On-Art Corporation wants to build a Jurassic Park-like attraction called "Dino-A-Park." But instead of spending billions of dollars trying to bring extinct creatures back to life, the company has instead created some of the most life-like and realistic dinosaur costumes you've ever seen.

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Spotify bug is killing users' desktop hard drives

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If you use Spotify's desktop apps to get your tuneage, you might want to temporarily switch to its Web or mobile apps for your music fix. Several subscribers reported that the streaming service's apps for Mac, Windows and Linux computers have been writing hundreds of gigabytes of data per day to users' hard drives, even when the software is idle and not storing any storing locally, reports Ars Technica.

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