Barista's edition for Wed 07 September 2016

Google switches on new undersea cable for faster internet speeds in Asia

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Google is speeding up its internet services in Asia once again. Fresh from expanding its data centers in the region - which are located in Singapore and Taiwan - last year, the company said today that it has switched on a new undersea cable that will quicken services like YouTube and its cloud computing platform.

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Costa Rica hasn't burned any fossil fuels for electricity in two months

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Costa Rica's electric grid ran exclusively on renewable energy for 150 days so far this year, the country's power operator said late last week. Half of those days were achieved in only the last few months. The Central American nation was powered for 76 straight days on carbon-free electricity from June 16 to Sept.

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You can now vote for new emoji to be added to your phone

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Emoji might seem fun and playful, but the process to create and approve new designs for them is not easy. If you take a look at Unicode Consortium's list of selection factors, it quickly becomes clear there are a lot of rules for requesting a new emoji and that not every request will be considered to be added.

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Wildly effective marketing has led Americans to eat way more protein than they actually need

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Walk down any aisle in any grocery store and you won't miss it: protein is everywhere. Packaging for everything from snacks to cereal boast that they've been stuffed with the muscle-building nutrient. There are seven grams are in each serving of "Cheerios protein," 10 in a Kind nut bar, 15 in a small bag of...

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Meet Jagdish Chaturvedi, an Innovator Under 35 and doctor making low-cost medical devices in India

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InnAccel This doctor can laugh about the complex path he took to becoming an innovator. "I invented a low-cost ear, nose, and throat -ENT -imaging device. So I call myself the first ENTrepreneur! Sorry - cheesy joke; I'm also an amateur standup comedian. I love performing. It's how I de-stress.

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Social media is a rapidly growing frontier of violence against women and girls

Popularity: 1.83

LONDON - Crimes which involve use of the internet, social media and other forms of technology to "humiliate, control and threaten" women are on the rise, according to a new report by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

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A simple device that "sweats" could have a huge impact on global food security

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An idea over 4,000 years old may hold the key to the future of refrigeration without electricity. A startup called Evaptainers, based in Somerville, Massachusetts, is designing food-storage containers that cool food using evaporative cooling-the same process that keeps us cool when we sweat.

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